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Pediatric DentistDr. Saadia and Palm Beach Pediatrics:

Dr. Saadia and Palm Beach Pediatrics is the prime location for your dentistry assistance. Dr. Saadia is a pediatric dentist who takes a modern approach to dentistry, working with patients from adolescence to older ages. Choosing a family dentist is essential, as they take care of your teeth for years. Dr. Saadia is the correct choice, thanks to the separation of children and adults, as well as the laser treatments offered.

It is important to understand that children and adults must be treated differently. Pediatric dentistry and adult dentistry are two completely separate entities. Dr. Saadia works with children and adults separately, understanding the unique characteristics each age group brings to the table. Let’s take a look at some of the differences between the ages.

What a Pediatric Dentist Can Offer:

Pediatric Dentistry, forms of dentistry offered in Holistic and Organic Dentistry, helps children and young adults. Children and young adults separate from adults due to differences in the teeth. Children are treated delicately by Dr. Saadia with the understanding that each set of teeth is individualized.

A pediatric dentist is trained specifically in knowing how to work with children’s teeth, and that kind of specialized care goes a long way in ensuring the teeth are treated to perfection. Dr. Saadia understands that children can be subject to different issues with their teeth that adults do not face. The children receive treatment accordingly, through a variety of different state of the art methods.


Ankyloglossia is one example of a problem that children often face, but adults do not. Ankyloglossia is when the tip of a youngster’s tongue is stuck to the floor of their mouth by a short, thick strand of tissue. This problem must be treated, as if it is not it can lead to difficulties speaking, eating, or even breastfeeding. Without treatment, the issue can only worsen. While Ankyloglossia can go undetected by dentists not specializing in working with children, a specialist like Dr. Saadia will catch such an issue. Additionally, Dr. Saadia has the tools to reverse such a problem. Dr. Saadia is one of the experts in frenectomy, or removing the tissue that is causing the problems. Frenectomy is not a commonly known treatment, so Dr. Saadia’s expertise is a trait that’s worthy of great appreciation.

Remember, your child growing up with difficulties eating, speaking, or more can be disastrous for their ability to enjoy their lives. Not only does the obvious health factor exist, but children also put great stock into how they are treated by their peers. An inability to speak clearly does not bode well. Dr. Saadia can help prevent such negativity from ever coming to pass.

Dr. Saadia and staff follow up accordingly to ensure the process is smooth and each patient is treated to perfection. At no point must you worry about damage or uncertainty, as this is a specialty.

Laser Frenectomy:

Laser Frenectomy is one of the procedures Dr. Saadia offers as a premier Pediatric Dentist. A laser frenectomy done by Dr. Saadia constitutes using the well known Waterlase iPlus laser. The Waterlase iPlus laser comes with plenty of reviews touting its effectiveness in this practice. As part of this practice, Dr. Saadia takes various steps to ensure all is worked out. These steps are to the advantage of the patient, and go a long way to a happy and healthy future.

The laser treatment minimizes bleeding and eliminates the need for sedation. Additionally, for most patients, it eliminates the need for sutures. Finally, through his expertise, Dr. Saadia reduces post-surgery discomfort. An essential part in any decision is knowing the amount of pain that will be felt. Dr. Saadia ensures the least amount of pain possible in the process. While with some dentists that may mean decreased effectiveness, that is not the case here.

Holistic and Organic Dentistry:

As we previously stated, Dr. Saadia offers Holistic and Organic Dentistry. This allows you to work with the style of dentistry that fits your need the best. The holistic style of Pediatric Dentistry includes looking at the entire picture rather than just the teeth. This means understanding the biological makeup of the patient as well. Individualizing patients and understanding what makes them who they are is a unique approach. Thus, Dr. Saadia offers this to make patients the most comfortable possible in their treatment.

Holistic Dentistry emphasizes a lack of pain and the most comfort on the patient’s part. This means a lack of chemicals and painful wires and procedures for patients to suffer through.

Placing an emphasis on the patient’s comfort level is one step in improving the relationship between the dentist and the patient. While kids do not trust dentists, working with Dr. Raadia leaves them feeling comfortable. Dr. Raadia studied to work with kids, thus carrying an understanding that cannot be matched.

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