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russell watergardensWhat could be more calming and zen than having your own pond in your backyard? The sound of the water moving and the vibrant vegetation gives a spiritual sense to your backyard. Russell Watergardens is a one-stop shop for your quest in building and maintaining and outdoor pond for your home or business. They provide a source for pond supplies and easy-to-clean filtration systems. Their website provides a plethora of education about outdoor water ponds and they offer assistance to design and install it.

Making a pond a part of your landscaping is a great way to add a unique and functional element to the outdoors space you already have. A pond is truly a dynamic feature that supports flora and fauna while adding the tranquility and purity of an aquatic environment to your outdoor living space. If you are serious about building one, realize that a pond is more than just a hole in the ground. It is a delicate ecosystem that will need to be carefully supported so that it maintains life and balance.

List of Supplies from Russell Watergardensrussell watergardens

  • Pond Filters This is an essential components when it comes to pond supplies because water quality is a major concern. Without a pond filter removing the debris and harmful bacteria out of the water, it could put the health of your fish in jeopardy. Without the right pond supplies to clean the water, your pond can turn murky and give out a foul smell. Even if you don’t plan on raising fish, it makes sure the water is clear, the flora is supported, and the cleanliness of your pond is maintained. Russell Watergardens provide pond filters are available in the following types: mechanical and biological. Mechanical filters capture and remove physical debris from the pond. Biological filters process and remove dissolved chemical compounds from the pond.
  • Pond Skimmers – Pond Skimmers are used to remove the debris from the water like sticks, leaves, wood chips and grass clippings. Over time, the elements will sink to the bottom of the pond and begin to decompose. This greatly reduces the time that you spend having to clean it manually.
  • Pond Sieve – This type of filter helps you operate at peak performance. A pond sieve removes fish waste and debris from the filtration system before the water enters the filter itself. That way, when the water goes through the filter, it is cleaner to start and puts less stress on the mechanisms of the filter.
  • Pond Pump – Stagnant water quickly becomes stale and dirty. For other pond supplies like the filter and skimmer to work properly, the water in your pond needs to be circulating constantly. A pond pump does that for you without turning your pond into a whirlpool. It will be necessary to find a pump that can handle the volume of water in your pond.
  • Pump Vault – Once the pond supplies are safe and up and running, you will need to keep them safe. If your pond pump is damaged or disabled, your pond will be immediately compromised. A pump vault is exactly what it sounds like. The pump is housed inside and protected from damage as a result of weather, fish, landscaping projects, or the unexpected. This may not be first on your list of pond supplies, but it’s a safeguard you will be glad to leave.
  • Water Treatments – Even with all your other pond supplies up and running, the quality of the water in your pond can be less than optimal. Water treatments are a way to correct the chemical composition of the water so that it’s ideally suited for ponds. Various water treatment supplies can reduce algae, kill bacteria, reduce foam, and help you to keep the environment cleaner. You may not immediately need these supplies, but you will want to keep them on hand so that you can address water quality issues sooner rather than later.

Russell Watergardens is there to answer any questions and walk you through from start to finish. Building peaceful sanctuaries for their customers is what they do best. Check out their website or give them a call toll-free at (800)-844-9314 or shoot them an email: sales@russellwatergardens.com.

Posted on March 7, 2017 in Local Spotlight

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