Local Spotlight: Michelle Paul – San Diego Divorce Lawyer

Michelle Paul San Diego Divorce Lawyer
As a San Diego Divorce Lawyer, Michelle Paul knows that divorce can be a contentious, emotional, unpleasant and confusing process. Many men go through a divorce emotionally unprepared. They don’t have the proper guidance, both legally and emotionally. It’s hard for them to have a smooth divorce and move forward with a healthy and prosperous life. This lack of leadership can lead to damaged relationships, unfair division of assets, and skewed outcomes that favor one party over the other.

Divorce Doesn’t Have to Be Traumatic

Local Spotlight - San Diego Divorce Lawyer

While this does happen quite often, a divorce doesn’t have to be this way. Plenty of men have experienced smooth divorces and achieved a fair outcome that suits both parties.

When this happens, both sides move forward in a new chapter of life. They can cultivate healthy relationships, with the emotional tension of the divorce process peacefully dissolved in the past. Many men wonder what makes the difference in these two outcomes. They wonder what helps some families to undergo a smooth divorce, while others become entangled in years of legal proceedings. Nobody wants bad blood, fractured families, and unresolved issues.

There is no way to know every single ingredient of a quiet and peaceful divorce. But one common denominator in almost every peacefully resolved divorce is an experienced and skilled divorce lawyer. When the right lawyer is present, both parties have a calm and rational influence to guide them through the process. This is time when both sides are emotionally raw and experiencing contentious feelings.

Michelle Paul has years of experience helping men live free, healthy and prosperous lives after they go through a divorce. She has the track record of courtroom success, the skill and the conviction to stand up for your rights as both as a husband and father. She takes steps to protect your livelihood and assets. And she handles child custody issues in a way that promotes healthy relationships, not a damaged family dynamic.

But enough about Michelle and the outcomes she achieves for her clients. Who is she?

A San Diego Divorce Lawyer With Decades of Experience

First, Michelle Paul is not your typical San Diego Divorce Lawyer. She started her career with 37 years of success in the business world. She then earned her Political Science Degree from Coastal Carolina University before spending eight years in civil litigation.

With experience like this, Michelle adds value that goes beyond the scope of most attorneys. She has the track record of courtroom success to foresee legal challenges before they arrive. She has the business experience and real-world perspective of a seasoned negotiator.

Michelle has skills that can’t be taught in business school. And her team of legal professionals has been working alongside her for years helping men going through divorce live happy, peaceful, and successful lives after the legal process. Michelle takes great pride in the outcomes she achieves for her clients. As a result she has quickly gained a reputation as a trusted advisor for men going through a divorce in the San Diego area.

As a San Diego Divorce Laywer, Michelle and her team know that divorce is a complicated, confusing and contentious process. They are familiar with the strong emotions present in a divorce and have the skills to guide both parties to a mutually beneficial outcome. Michelle and her team do this by acting as a calm and rational influence. They educate clients about the legal process, what to expect, and by quickly handle any issues or legal challenges before they become a serious problem.

A Complete Legal Service Package

Lawyer With Decades of Experience

Michelle Paul takes her experience, skill, and leadership, and provides her clients a complete, full-package service when helping them through the divorce process. This service starts by helping men protect their home, net worth, and financial assets.

For men with children, one of the main areas she helps with is custody and visitation rights.

Child custody is one of the most important areas for families with children. Both parents want what is best for their children, but emotions can sometimes get in the way and damage the process. Because of Michelle’s experience in this area, she takes steps to make sure her clients are properly educated and prepared to succeed before these powerful emotions take hold.

By emotionally preparing clients for the ups and downs that occur during custody battles, child visitation issues, and child support rulings, Michelle ensures that her clients have an attitude that directs the process towards a favorable ruling. When this happens, both parties are much more likely to experience a collaborative divorce, where child custody, child support, and child visitation rulings are fair for both sides. Making all of these elements work together to help both parties is what makes Michelle Paul so valuable to her clients.

A Calm And Rational Influence During Emotional Times

Michelle Paul is so much more than a San Diego Divorce Lawyer, both in personality and experience. While she does have the extensive record of courtroom success to address challenges before they become problems, Michelle and her team act as the legal and emotional support needed to move forward and be happy in life after a divorce. Her decades of business experience make her the fiercest negotiator in the courtroom, fighting for her clients and standing up for their rights as men, all while making calm and rational decisions to guide them to a successful outcome.

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