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Living in Florida can be an adventure. We are the “Lightning Capital” of the world and get pummeled with Hurricanes almost every year. Even the daily thunderstorms during the rainy season can whip up a dangerous tornado now and then. If you are a Florida resident, then our potentially dangerous weather patterns are nothing new to you, and I’m sure everyone reading this has felt the impact of one or more of these phenomena in the past. Be sure you always reach out to a Qualified Residential Electrician.

The damage left behind in the aftermath is not only a disruption, it can be dangerous as well. The inconvenience for homeowners can be a nuisance, and the potential impact on business can be financially devastating.

If your home or your business has ever felt the impact of one of these Electrical Emergencies, then you are going to want to pay close attention to the information I am about to share with you. And be sure to bookmark this website: SunCoast Electric and Air

Your Local Residential Electrician

This past summer we had a major storm blow through our neighborhood in Deerfield Beach, Florida. It left huge branches and debris strewn across the road, downed power lines in the street, and also caused some minor flooding. And this was just from your normal, every-day rainy season storm. Of course, the power in the neighborhood also went out for hours. Once we started noticing our neighbors across the street had their lights back on, but we still did not, we started to worry. After calling FPL, it was discovered that the storm had knocked over the vertical conduit on our roof that housed the main connection to the house’s electrical panel. Because of the way it was knocked over, the wires inside shorted out and caused the entire panel to blow. So began a two-week nightmare to get our power restored.

Being a renter, the responsibility for repairs fell on the Landlord. Which also meant they chose the electrician that did the work. The electrician they chose took almost a week to get a permit for the work. They took forever to finish the job, and they failed the final inspection twice before finally passing. Don’t even get me started on the mess they left, both inside and outside of my house.

The moral of the story? My landlord should have called the experts at Suncoast Electric and Air. One of their licensed and insured technicians could have been out to my house in 45 minutes or less.

Had my landlord asked me, I would have recommended them based on their:

  • Excellent Reputation

    Suncoast Electric and Air comes highly recommended. Their friendly and courteous technicians are knowledgeable about what they do and won’t leave you in a bind, and they warranty all work they do. They are your go-to Residential Electrician

  • Clean and Courteous Service

    Their technicians understand that your home is important to you. They will make every effort to ensure they leave it just the way the found it when they have completed their job.

  • Honest and up-front, Detailed Estimates

    No hidden charges here. They will provide a detailed and complete estimate for all work to be done, and go over it with you so you understand the costs. No other Residential Electrician is more thorough.

  • Service Agreements

    They also offer Service Agreements to Residential Customers. This could save you an additional 15% on any work you have done.

  • Hurricane Season is Coming!

    With hurricane season only a few short months away, start planning now! SunCoast Electric and Air can get you set up with an emergency backup generator that can provide emergency power in the event of a major storm. Don’t get caught unprepared this year!


Commercial Electricians

At SunCoast Electric and Air, they also understand the impact that electrical issues can have on your business. Time is money, and no one understands the importance of getting you back up and running fast like they do.

Their Immediate Emergency Service team will get out to your business and treat your situation with the urgency it deserves. And, as always, they will provide the most affordable and safest solutions to whatever electrical repair or installation you are having done.

SunCoast Electric and Air carries all current State and Local Licensure, and always ensures their top-notch Technicians are up-to-date on all of the latest techniques and codes.

As they like to say:

“Suncoast Electric and Air is in the business of getting your business, back in business!”

Wrapping it Up

So, with Summer and Hurricane Season right around the corner, make sure you reach out to the experts. When it comes to Residential or Commercial Electrical needs, or even getting your Air Conditioning ready to go for the season, SunCoast Electric and Air is your go-to company! Be sure to visit their website or give them a call for more information. They are ALWAYS there for you with their 24/7 Emergency Electrical service!






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