Local Spotlight: Suncoast Mold Remediation Experts

mold remediationMold happens. The spores are in the air, and here in Florida, the moisture welcomes the spores home. Whether it’s in damp towels or around pipes, mold is unsightly and can be toxic for you and your family. When you see it, you need an expert to remove it. For over a decade, Suncoast has been the Palm Beach area’s go-to for mold remediation. The contractors are thoroughly trained to handle all mold and water damage issues. They keep your family’s safety in mind, and they can teach you methods and tips to prevent future issues.

If you have found mold of any nature in your home or have found a leak, contact them now. They are available 24/7 to answer questions and check your home.


Mold Remediation and Testing

Mold spores are everywhere. While they aren’t always bad, high levels can result in huge problems. Mold can cause small discomforts in allergies to major respiratory issues. It can even destroy your home’s infrastructure. The biggest cause of mold is water damage. Here in South Florida, the high levels of humidity make it the perfect location for mold to grow. Mold remediation fixes that.

When you contact Suncoast, you receive a comprehensive investigation of the cause of the mold. They don’t simply want to fix the problem. They want to find out what caused the mold so they can fix the bigger issue. Then, they remove the mold, bringing the spore level to a normal count. They clean up your home, putting it back how you found it, then proceed to fix the underlying issue they found.

Throughout the process, Suncoast handles the insurance company directly. They allow you to sit back, stress-free, and handle the mold and water damage issues.


Leak detection

The biggest cause of mold is leaky water pipes. Suncoast’s detection services feature the latest technology to catch the smallest leaks. Hairline cracks? No problem. No matter how long the leak has been there — two years or two hours — Suncoast contractors will be able to catch it and fix it before the problem worsens. The best part yet: if you’re unhappy with any aspect of the detection services, the staff offers a money-back guarantee.


Mold Removal

If leak detection or other inspections indicate mold is present, Suncoast can take care of it immediately. They know that if mold sticks around for too long, it can destroy building materials and spread throughout your home.

Before you call, make sure to leave everything as it is. If there is a leak, don’t move clothes or objects. Moving these items could transfer the spores, causing the mold to spread.

Suncoast won’t let the problem continue. Instead, they’ll try to look in crevices and forgotten spaces to find the cause of the issue. They check small areas like crawl spaces and seldom-checked areas like basements to ensure every aspect of your home is dry.


Why mold remediation?

When you find mold in your home, you may want to treat it yourself with bleach or other cleaners. Depending on whether you prefer natural versus chemical products, you can use bleach, vinegar, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide or borax. Cleaning and disinfecting will stop the growth but will not undo the damage. Plus, you could disturb a larger mold patch and risk exposure to spore clouds. Avoid vacuuming the area until an inspection gives you the all clear.

Mold remediation allows you and your home to recover safely by using an antimicrobial chemical and HEPA filters. Suncoast contractors have the appropriate tools to get the job done safely. These tools get rid of tiny spores you can’t reach with household cleaners.

Suncoast washes nonporous surfaces while offering tips to clean the porous ones. They seek to help you rebuild your home after a mold infestation.

If the affected area is more than 8-by-10 square feet, Suncoast strongly recommends a professional inspection and cleaning.

Are you questioning whether you should have a mold inspection? Consider whether you’ve recently had water damage. If so, you should schedule an appointment immediately. If you haven’t, you still live in a moisture rich environment and should have regular testing. Suncoast is available 24/7 and responds to calls and messages within an hour.


Mold inspection

Suncoast doesn’t just check flooded areas of the home, but they realize mold could be growing on forgotten wet clothes in a corner. They check basements, sinks, bathtubs and anywhere else moisture can provide a home for spores. If they find a leak, they’ll tighten it and encourage you to check for future leaks there. They also recommend checking the roof, ventilation units and the foundation as needed for less obvious mold infestations.


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