Local Spotlight: Susan T. Perkins, Attorney at Law

criminal defense lawyerIf you find yourself in need of legal assistance, the correct person to call is Susan T. Perkins, Attorney at Law. People often misguidedly believe that they can handle their own legal matters. What happens next is a chain of negative events, as they do not understand the law. It’s best to leave legal matters to the professionals that have studied such matters throughout their careers.

Susan T. Perkins, Attorney at Law is well versed in a variety of different legal matters. Perkins is licensed to practice law in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Susan T. Perkins stresses that no one feels alone during the legal process, individualizing the process for each client. She offers a variety of different services.

Areas of Expertise of Susan T. Perkins, Attorney at Law

Criminal Defense Lawyer-

Criminal Defense Lawyers are essential for anyone facing criminal charges. While plenty of lawyers choose to wait and see what will happen, Perkins tackles cases head on. Susan T. Perkins takes great pride in making sure no stones go un-turned in the legal process. While many misunderstand who can help them and who does not have the experience to, those that choose Susan T. Perkins are left with as smooth an experience as possible.

Perkins works under the understanding that you are innocent until proven guilty. That line of thinking alone can make a major difference in easing the process. The Rhode Island Criminal Defense Office of Susan T. Perkins works step by step with clients to ensure every part of the process is covered in a seamless manner. You will not be alone during the process, and you will receive assistance by the best in the business.

DUI Defense Lawyer-

DUI Defense Lawyers are important for anyone that has been arrested for a DUI. When arrested for a DUI, it is simple to feel hopeless and like there is no case in your favor. However, Susan T. Perkins understands there are plenty of factors that could work in your favor. Police officers often make mistakes during the arresting process. Breathalyzer results are often filled with errors, and high BAC readings can be the result of medical conditions.

DUI’s are not black and white cases, and the Law Office of Susan T. Perkins is ready to assist you. The understanding is there that there is an abundance of stress and self-doubt, but it is important to hold out hope. There are plenty of angles that can be taken, angles understood by those that learned the laws.

In fact, Susan T. Perkins offers a free case analysis. She will study your case and come to an understanding of what you are working with. If there is any angle that can be taken in assisting you, she will find it. Thus, at no point will you be glossed over or misunderstood, which commonly happens with other lawyers.

LGBT Lawyer-

LGBT Lawyers are useful to those that are being discriminated against for their orientation. While some may find it difficult to find proper representation, they can look no further than the Law Office of Susan T. Perkins. Perkins has covered same-sex divorce, civil union dissolutions, and more. Accordingly, there is a tremendous commitment to diversity and equality in her office that will make you feel represented and safe.

Susan T. Perkins has made it her mission to increase the amount of visibility and support felt by the LGBT community. Everyone deserves proper legal assistance, and she is ready to provide it. Additionally, in cases of same-sex divorce, there are now various laws that can be confusing to those that did not study such matters. Perkins can help break down the process for you in a concise, fair manner.

For example, if you were married in another state but wish to get divorced in Rhode Island, the laws changed to address that. With that, many are left uncertain of how to handle themselves in such matters, attempting to take matters into their own hands. However, that must not be the case, as professionals exist to avoid people misunderstanding the law and making the wrong decisions. Susan T. Perkins, Attorney at Law, can sit down with you and break down the different rules between different states.

Other LGBT Legal Manners

There are also other legal matters that same-sex marriages and divorces face. Perhaps it is custody of the kids that the parties wish to discuss. Rather than fighting for what you want in such a case on your own, having the best legal assistance is essential. Leaving matters to chance or your own doing is setting yourself up to be exploited by another part that has more experience and a greater understanding of the law.

Rather than facing that issue, reach out to Susan T. Perkins, Attorney at Law. Perkins will help ease you through the process so that you can receive the best assistance and earn what you deserve,

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