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Attorney Advertising

Do your attorney advertising strategies place your practice ahead of the curve? With over 50,000 law firms operating in the U.S, the legal vertical is an extremely competitive market. There are more than 39 specialized legal areas filled with attorneys vying to expand the reach of their advertising strategies. The competition is fierce.

Why Choose Search Ads for Attorney Advertising?

Search advertising is a great way to enlarge your firm’s client base while controlling your overall spend. Unlike traditional advertising, online search ads bring people who are searching for your services directly to the doorstep (or landing page) of your website. Online advertising by Google places your ad beside Google search results to increase website traffic and encourage sales. The Pay-Per-Click option allows you to identify and target high quality conversions which are specific to your field. Our certified Adword account managers have found that having well-planned Adwords management can reduce a firm’s spend by as much as 18%-30%.

Three tips to optimize your Adwords results

Use Negative Keywords to Decrease Unnecessary Costs
The correct use of negative keywords can have an immediate impact on your ad campaigns. Negative keywords are keywords that you do not want to bid on. Using this tool also helps to drive down your overall spending by avoiding price shoppers, legal employment seekers and DIY searchers. The click through rate of these categories can quickly cause your campaign to perform lower and max out your budget yielding poor results. This scenario is much more common than many marketers think –eliminating the risk of irrelevant searches leading to your campaign is a smart way to avoid very costly mistakes.

Use Ad Groups for Maximum Efficiency.
The ad groups tool helps keep your ads organized and published proficiently. By utilizing this tool your law firm’s ads can be categorized by relevancy and very specific ad conditions. Each Ad group consists of a set of keywords, ads, and bids that are managed together. The structured grouping shows ads to those most likely to be interested in them. Certain ad groups also offer featured benefits such as demographic targeting, remarketing lists and more.

Get Your Digital Advertising Strategy.
Thorough search advertising knowledge and experience is necessary to ensure a successful legal services Adwords campaign for your firm. We recommend leaving this task to the experts so that you may continue focusing on the success and profitability of your practice. If you have questions regarding Search Advertising and the use of Google Adwords, contact our Google certified Adwords account managers for a complimentary Intro to Adwords package including a free market analysis, website review, landing page review, budget plan and $100 Google Ad Credit!

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Posted on September 17, 2014 in Digital Advertising Strategy

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