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When looking for a new home, 90% of buyers turn straight to the Internet. Don’t pass Go. Don’t collect $200. Meaning Real Estate professionals are missing out on a HUGE market of potential clients if their online presence is anything less than up to par. In four years, real estate-related search terms increased by 253% making the “digital house hunt” one of the biggest industry changes of the decade. Which is where we come in. Shark Bite SEO is a premier search engine optimization company based in Delray Beach, Florida. We offer Real Estate SEO services for both agencies and individuals to help our clients dominate the market. And boy, can we deliver.

Here are some of our favorite Real Estate SEO tips and tricks to help you drop the pin and stake your claim of SEO Real Estate.

Real Estate SEO Tips & Tricks

Pinpoint Your Target Audience

Real Estate SEO is a good opportunity to keep terms local and build a content strategy around a clearly defined audience. Think “Delray Beach Real Estate” as opposed to just “Florida Real Estate.” Keeping a narrow audience helps your company name build authority in its market to drive traffic for those all-important Real Estate SEO keywords.

Fresh Content On A Consistent Basis

Keeping content fresh is not only good for the search engine side Real Estate SEO but for your audience as well. Sites that consistently add fresh, original content to their website receive higher priority from Google than their stagnate counterparts. This means more crawl time and more crawl time means higher rankings for more keywords. A win-win for all.

Build Distribution Channels

You can make the best content in the world, but it will never see the light of an audience without proper distribution channels. There’s no such thing as humility in the world of Real Estate SEO; Shameless self-promotion is the only way your company’s website will get anywhere. Google is interested promoting online communities and ranks websites higher that have an interactive community driving traffic from a number of places. Think Facebook and other social media websites as well as backlinks, email campaigns, newsletters and more.

Real Estate SEO is a tricky business and this is only a peek at some of the tricks up our sleeve. For more on Real Estate SEO services from Shark Bite SEO, give us a call at 866-640-8880 for a complimentary consultation.

Posted on January 26, 2016 in Digital Advertising Strategy, Search Engine Optimization

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