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Maintaining the success of his established elder law practice proved challenging as traditional marketing and advertising moved to digital platforms. That’s when Rhode Island Elder Law Attorney, Jeremy Howe turned to Shark Bite SEO. Over the course of three decades, Attorney Howe had built a strong reputation for superior service and knowledgeable legal counsel and the Shark Bite SEO team committed to helping him take that wealth of knowledge to the digital world. After thoroughly analyzing the digital presence of The Law Office of Jeremy Howe our team was able to clearly define the challenges:

  • was congested with complex legal jargon for targeted keywords resulting in low search volume. The current keyword initiatives did not convert into more searches or actual case conversions for the firm.
  • The traffic for was far below average and showed even poorer results on mobile devices. The firm also had a strong history in client referrals but wanted to expand the base of their referrals to include visitors to the website.
  • The Law Office of Jeremy Howe had no social presence. Their social following in online communities was very sparse with little engagement.

  • We tackled head on and built a strong foundation for the firm’s overall digital marketing plan. We completely revamped the website with the proper structure for optimal performance in the search engines. Our content team restructured the body of elder law information Attorney Howe had amassed over the years and reformatted the content for SEO purposes, making it easier for average readers to understand and find the answers to the questions they are looking for. After publishing the new site and implementing focused keyword strategies, climbed from 3 ranking keywords in Google’s top 10 to 17 keywords ranking in top 10 positions in the Google search engine pages.
  • was completely redesigned and developed to improve the user experience and optimize its performance in the search engines. Our designers built a clean and compelling website to represent the firm’s digital presence. was structured as a primary hub for elder law and family law information. After thorough research, we discovered that a large portion of the firms clients and referrals accessed the site on mobile devices. Our development team placed extra care into building a strong mobile experience for users. The end results were remarkable. Only 5 months after partnering with Shark Bite SEO to completely overhaul their website’s site traffic nearly doubled growing from 731 visitors per month to over 1300 per month.
  • Our social media team focused on building a strong following for The Law Office of Jeremy Howe and increasing their engagement across the board. We knew that elder law facts may not be the most intriguing content but when packaged properly it could be very useful information welcomed by a specific audience on social media audience. We created social profiles across mainstream social media platforms and grew the firm’s following to over 1700 engaged followers.

    The Law Office of Jeremy Howe now surfaces easily when searching for elder law in Newport Rhode Island. The firm has a strong presence on social media and is very active on the Google+ platform. As a result of our focused strategies and teamwork, Shark Bite SEO was able to reposition as a strong contender in the digital community of elder law.

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