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Founded in Boca Raton in 1992, South Florida Accountant and Advisory Firm Daszkal Bolton maintains a premier reputation as one of South Florida’s top accounting firms and top places to work. Having grown into multiple locations since its establishment, Daszkal Bolton serves clients in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach as well as around the country and world.

When Daszkal Bolton approached Shark Bite SEO, they wanted a website and web presence that would reflect their stellar reputation. Our challenge was to work alongside other creative companies to take an old, out-of-date and out-of-style website and bring it into the 21st century. Additionally, Daszkal Bolton is an accounting and CPA firm – an industry heavily headed by more than a couple big name hitters. This made it extremely difficult for Daszkal Bolton to jump higher in Google rankings.


Daszkal Bolton began their website transformation with their brand identity. Their current identity was strong but needed some adjustments. First, Daszkal Bolton made over was the logo. They stuck with their current color scheme and made some small adjustments to the shape to bring it up to date. The result was a more geometric logo with sharper lines and edges to communicate their position as a powerhouse. You wouldn’t think a company updating their logo would have anything to do with SEO, but it actually helped us do our job better tenfold. With their strong identity in place, we were now able to help craft website content and social media posts that stay in line with their company’s persona.

On the web front, Daskal Bolton needed a lot of work done. The most important update they needed was to become mobile responsive. We helped tackle this obstacle first keeping in-line with SEO best practices. We reorganized their site’s internal structure to optimize for the User Experience so site visitors won’t get lost in a sea of data. Next, it was time for an SEO overhaul – which is where we come in. We restructured web pages, added content and headings, verified their page with Google and fixed up things on the backend to remain compliant with Google best practices.


Daszkal Bolton has a strong, consistent presence on social media and is very active on the Google+ platform. Their social media followers are consistently on the rise and counting with quality interactions from their loyal fan base. As a result of our cohesive web strategies, Shark Bite SEO was able to reposition as a top-of-mind Accounting Firm in South Florida.

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Client: Daszkal Bolton Accountants & Advisors

Tags: Digital Advertising Strategy, HTML5 Mobile Sites, Local Search Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management

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