Real Estate Marketing: Local SEO Optimization

Real Estate Marketing Local SEO Optimization

Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all industry. While some businesses thrive with certain marketing techniques, others fail with the same techniques. One of the more specialized industries is real estate. Real estate marketing can be very challenging, yet very productive. If you’re looking for a marketing technique that can take your real estate company to new heights, you should consider local SEO.

Does local SEO matter in real estate marketing?

Out of all the marketing techniques that you can use for real estate marketing, local SEO could have the biggest impact. Although people often overlook local SEO, it can get people to notice your real estate agency and your listings.

Today, people do everything online. That’s what makes SEO such a powerful tool. When people search for homes, they look online. Many of them search from their smartphones. If you can make your real estate agency visible on their searches, you can make more sales. In fact, those who search for products and services on their mobile phones tend to make more purchases.¬†About 78% of local searches on mobile phones led to in-store purchases. When people search online, they are serious about buying. The real estate industry might not have such a high percentage of purchases from mobile searches. However, there is a market there.

There’s another reason to get on-board with local SEO. Because so many businesses overlook the benefits of SEO (and more specifically, local SEO), you can get great results. If your agency shows up first in a home buyer’s Google search, then you’re ahead of the competition. It is a way to set yourself apart from your competitor’s.

Why local?

You probably know that SEO is one of the techniques that can get people to find you on search engines. However, most people don’t realize the difference between local SEO and general SEO. Local SEO targets your geographic area. If you’re looking for buyers who want to purchase a home in your city, they can find you easier with local SEO. Meanwhile, a more generalized SEO approach would get people from all over the country to your website. While the audience might be larger, it’s not the right audience.

Real estate marketing is more about getting local traffic. For example, you might sell homes in Palm Beach County. Do you want to get visitors to your website who search for homes in Palm Beach County? Or would you rather get visitors who are looking for homes anywhere? While both can be useful, a local approach gives you visitors who know what they want. If someone is actively searching for a home in your area, it is likely that they are serious about buying.

In other industries, SEO is more about getting people onto your website. However, real estate is about more than becoming visible to the masses on the internet. Real estate agencies need people looking for local homes. And local SEO is a simple and effective way to do just that.

Targeting Investors

Local SEO can get you more people who have an interest in buying homes. However, it can also help you target investors. When investors look for property to purchase, they often target a certain area. And when they do, they could find you in their search results. Because investors often search for real estate from other cities, they might not know of any real estate agencies in your area. However, your real estate marketing techniques can draw attention to yourself.

One of the benefits of targeting investors with local SEO is the return on investment. In general, local SEO has a great return on investment. For a relatively low cost, you can optimize your website to gain more traffic. In real estate, the return is even greater than other industries. One sale to a major investor could be for millions of dollars.

Growing Your Business With Local SEO

When it comes to real estate marketing, a general approach may not be your best bet. While it can get more people to visit your website, it may not get more people to buy or rent your homes.It’s rare to find someone who does¬†a broad search for a real estate agency or a property for sale. If someone is looking for a real estate agent without a location, they may not be ready to buy.

On the other hand, local SEO can get interested prospects to your website. As prospective buyers comb the internet for local property, they can find you. The new traffic to your website comes in the form of true prospects; they have an intent to buy property in your area.

There are many effective real estate marketing techniques that you can use. However, few of them can get you results as effectively as local SEO. For a little effort, you can get a great reward.

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