The SEO Toolbox

seo toolbox

Despite what I’ve seen some Pinterest tutorials say, SEO setup is not a one-time thing. It’s also not a one-stop shop sort of thing either. You can’t put in a little metadata and some keywords and sit back expecting your blog to go viral. SEO takes consistent dedication to working and reworking the strategy to gain traction in the ranks. What works for one will not work for the other.

While strategy differs, SEO professionals do stick to the same or similar tools. We just use them differently depending on client goals and strategy. Let’s break down the SEO toolbox, shall we.

The SEO Toolbox

Website Auditing & Analysis

SEO-ing a website without a site auditing tool is like flying blind – you know what you’re doing are missing the complete trajectory. You set it up to the best of your knowledge, but without an audit or analysis tool there’s no way to judge if it’s working. Auditing and analysis tools let you see how the website is performing based on a number of factors, including how people are interacting with it.

Our favorite analysis tool: Google Analytics

Keyword Analysis Tools

Proper keywords and the proper use of those keywords is one of the first things you learn about SEO. But those keywords are useless if you don’t know how they perform. Keyword analysis tools let you check and track your search engine position rank for keywords and key phrases.

Our favorite keyword tool: Keyword Planner within Google AdWords


The content of your website tells the world who you are. It includes everything from the information on a page and blog posts to images and infographics. It’s what encourages the user to engage with your site and keeps them coming back for more.

Our favorite content tool: Google News Lab

Link Management Tools

Links and backlinks are the little synapses that connect your site to the outside inter-web world. Think of links as a vote in popularity. Links are also what helps search engines understand how the zettabyte of information on the internet connects and where to place importance.

Our favorite link tool: BuzzStream

Social Media Management

Promotion, engagement and relationships – that’s the name of the game when it comes to social media. To do social media right, you need to spend a lot of time listening and engaging in social chatter. Social media management tools make your job a lot easier by cutting corners and placing social platforms all in one place.

Our favorite social media tool: HootSuite

Posted on August 26, 2015 in Search Engine Optimization

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