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With a world of information at our fingertips, it has been become ever more popular to browse the internet from our mobile devices. Consumers are using their smartphones to find restaurants, shop, research, and more. According to Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, 85% of American’s are never more than three feet away from their cell phones. Most websites will not work on a mobile phone because they load slow, are hard to read, and do not offer a user-friendly experience. We will design and develop a mobile friendly website that delivers results by keeping the user in mind and your brand intact.

Shark Bite SEO will examine the site and make adjustments to both the navigation links and the calls to action to make them easier for customers on mobile devices to interact with the site and get in touch with the Company. Some sections of content may be made visible or hidden depending on its value to customers on mobile devices. This is the difference between simply shrinking to fit on a mobile device or placing all content in one big zoomed in column. This is the difference between a website that converts mobile visitors to customers vs. one that drives them away. With over half of all web searches done on mobile devices you must think of mobile first when it comes to your web presence.


Mobile Web Development

Key Features

  • Mobile First Web Development
  • Mobile Friendly Landing Pages
  • Fast load time
  • Click-to-Call functionality
  • Email capabilities
  • App-like experience for easy navigation
  • Map & Directions with location awareness
  • Zoom capabilities
  • Mobile Friendly Bottom Menus
  • Social Media Profile Integration
  • Mobile analytics
  • Smart Routing
  • Company Branding


Need help creating a mobile-friendly website? Contact us today at 866-640-8880 for a free consultation with someone on our Mobile Web Development Team.

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