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Simple SEO is basic for any business. It will not only attract your target base but will give them vital information about your company in a way that screams professionalism. A polished site is always important. But, what good does an amazing site do if nobody sees it? Making sure that your customers and other businesses can find your site is another way to show them that you aren’t small time. You’re a business that knows what it’s doing. Here are a few places to start with SEO:

Make sure you have keywords and relevant content.

Content and keywords drive traffic to your site. It’s a good idea to know which keywords will work best for your company while grabbing attention from searches. Think about your company, what you are offering and who is looking for it. From there, you’ll want to comprise a list of keywords you’ll be using and blog topics for articles. This will help you create content that pertains to your company but is also marketable.

Make sure you are mobile friendly.

The Google algorithm has started checking sites for mobile compatibility. It is always a good idea to make sure that your site will not only meet the standards in a search but will look good doing it. Have some people look at it for you and give you feedback. You can also open an incognito window in your phone’s browser and take a look, yourself. If you don’t think it looks professional or it seems like the browser is having a hard time with it, you might want to tweak it a little. Remember that your website is the face of your company. When customers search to learn about your website, this is what they will see. Is this what you want representing your business?

Have a Social Media plan.

Hashtags in Social Media are a good way to direct customers to your website. You should have an idea of which outlets to focus on and which you want but won’t focus on. Having an idea of hashtags that you will use is a good start to a long road. Using the same hashtag can be helpful if it is something that pertains to your business, but you also want variety. This will cast the net farther in your reach for exposure. Don’t worry about what is trending, unless it is purely relevant to your business. Trends come and go. You don’t want that to be what carries your business. But, if there is a trending hashtag that will benefit you, use it!

Check your company’s information.

It will be very helpful to check Google, Facebook and any other listings to make sure that your listing is correct. Check for hours of operation, contact methods (email addresses and phone numbers), company address and website links. Make sure they are not only listed but listed correctly. Typos can cost your business. One wrong number or one letter off in an email address will make it that much harder for you to be contacted.

Hire a professional.

Sure, it sounds like another expense. But, think of it as an investment. There are firms and professionals who dedicate their entire days to SEO. In an industry that is ever changing, do you have the time to dedicate to it? The Google algorithm for SEO changes very often. In some cases, weekly. But, here is where it gets tricky. If you over optimize, Google catches on and will still rank you lower than you should be ranked. You want to optimize in the right areas and make sure that the optimization stays relevant. If you are running a business, you may not have time for that. Finding a company that can do these things for you will not only ease your stress, but it will free up your time! Don’t think of it as another cost. Look at it as getting an entire team for the cost of one employee!

Remember that all of these suggestions are for simple SEO optimization and that you still have to have a website that is decent. You can drive content to a page, but if it doesn’t seem professional you may lose customers. Make sure that the aesthetic and content are what you want. Also, ensure that the overall aesthetic is something that is pleasing, not too overwhelming or antiquated. Getting customers to view your website goes hand in hand with the website itself. If you are hiring a professional for SEO, they might be able to offer guidance in this area. They may even have packages to revamp or create a site for you! But these points will get you pointed in the right direction, until then! Here is a link with more tips that will increase your target reach.

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