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Google AdWords Sidebar Changes, The Fallout

In February Google made an announcement in regards to how the search engine results pages would be changed with the removal of the AdWords sidebar ads. Due to the AdWords sidebar changes, heads started spinning, how would it affect advertisers, more importantly, how would it affect the impressions, cost-per-clicks, average position, and click through rates.…

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Accelerated Mobile Pages

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project from Google

Abuzz lately in the search engine marketing industry news has been Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). On February 24, 2016, Google officially implemented Accelerated Mobile pages (AMP) for content articles. AMP can be described as a slimmed-down HTML format, created by Google and Twitter to be the open equivalent of Facebook’s up and coming instant articles. This allows mobile…

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google sues robocallers

Google Files Lawsuit Against Robocalling SEO Agency

SEO firms and small business owners unite! Google has heard our cries and it taking action! Since Shark Bite SEO first opened its doors in Delray Beach a few years ago, we’ve been plagued by the same call every single day. It begins friendly enough with a polite “hello” and a humble introduction from an…

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Penguin 3

The Penguin 3.0 Release From Google Is Upon Us

Google has released the update of their Penguin algorithm with their version “Penguin 3.0” on Friday October 17th. This algorithm is the one Google uses to look at backlinks pointing to a website to determine the value of a site. This update targets websites that have been using “black hat” backlinking tactics to game their…

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Attorney Advertising

Making the Case for Adwords

Do your attorney advertising strategies place your practice ahead of the curve? With over 50,000 law firms operating in the U.S, the legal vertical is an extremely competitive market. There are more than 39 specialized legal areas filled with attorneys vying to expand the reach of their advertising strategies. The competition is fierce. Why Choose…

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Google Sharks

Google’s Underwater Tech Predators

Sharks are literally taking a bite out of Google. The necessity of underwater data cables requires Google to protect its underwater network from predator sharks known for attacking them. The sharks are naturally drawn to the magnetic field of the cables by its signals, which are similar to those given off by distressed fish. Supposedly,…

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Google Penguin 2.0

What You Should Know About Google Penguin 2.1

Google is at it again. Every time there is a major algorithm update, webmasters and search professionals alike get very nervous. There is always a fear, often very real, that high rankings will disappear. Well, here is some important information that you should know. You should look for these problems: No Ranking of Your Site…

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Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird and You

Google Hummingbird has arrived. So, what’s all the fuss and buzz about? Plenty. Hummingbird has over 200 “ingredients” that goes into his algorithm “recipe.” All webmasters, business owners and search professionals must be up to date on this important Google development. According to Google, the name “Hummingbird” represents that it is precise and fast. Also,it’s…

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