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Google AdWords Sidebar Changes, The Fallout

In February Google made an announcement in regards to how the search engine results pages would be changed with the removal of the AdWords sidebar ads. Due to the AdWords sidebar changes, heads started spinning, how would it affect advertisers, more importantly, how would it affect the impressions, cost-per-clicks, average position, and click through rates.…

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Search Engine Marketing Transparency

Search Engine Marketing Transparency

One of the biggest pains with the search engine marketing industry is the relationship between Search Engine Marketing service providers and their clients. Search Engine Marketing transparency from start throughout the entire project is crucial. Setting clear expectations from the outset, and for all parties involved, being able to abide by them is a must.…

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Accelerated Mobile Pages

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project from Google

Abuzz lately in the search engine marketing industry news has been Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). On February 24, 2016, Google officially implemented Accelerated Mobile pages (AMP) for content articles. AMP can be described as a slimmed-down HTML format, created by Google and Twitter to be the open equivalent of Facebook’s up and coming instant articles. This allows mobile…

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law firm marketing bryan wilson

A Law Firm Marketing Case Study: Texas Law Hawk

We’ve been a little obsessed lately at Shark Bite SEO by a law firm marketing campaign that’s so ridiculous it works. Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk, begins his attorney commercial by running down the street in slow motion while an American flag flutters wistfully behind him. Because, America. Next, Bryan Wilson, Texas Law Hawk…

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google certified partner shark bite seo

What Does It Mean to Be a Google Certified Partner?

Not all SEO and Internet Marketing professionals are created equal. And it’s no secret that Shark Bite SEO is a Google Certified Partner. But what does that mean exactly? What is it that we have that the other guys don’t? Well, aside from an Almanac of street-fighting dance moves, we have a couples tricks rolled…

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search engine optimization google rankbrain

Did Google Change its Search Engine Optimization Algorithm…Again?

The New Google RankBrain Algorithm Google’s search engine optimization algorithm is comparable to your first teenage relationship. Just when you think you have it all figured out, you realize you know nothing, Jon Snow. Yesterday, news leaked from behind the sacred walls of Google that the search tycoon has been using an artificial intelligence, machine…

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seo toolbox

The SEO Toolbox

Despite what I’ve seen some Pinterest tutorials say, SEO setup is not a one-time thing. It’s also not a one-stop shop sort of thing either. You can’t put in a little metadata and some keywords and sit back expecting your blog to go viral. SEO takes consistent dedication to working and reworking the strategy to…

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hiring search engine marketing agency

What To Look For In A Search Engine Marketing Agency

It’s a bit of a catch 22 isn’t it? Using a search engine to find a search engine marketing agency to meet your business’ search engine optimization needs? Woah – mind blown. But let’s reel it back a minute. Finding just any old search engine marketing agency isn’t as beneficial as it is to find…

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building digital brand presence

The Long Road of Creating A Digital Brand Presence

If there’s one question we get asked on a regular basis it’s this: how long is it going to take before I see results? The reality: you can never be too sure. We’ve had some clients see results immediately, while others have taken some time – and that’s okay. Building a digital SEO brand presence…

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call to action simple tips

3 Jedi Mind Tricks To Enhance Your Website’s Call to Action

Your new website looks great. Spot on. And the logo? Top notch. But wait…there’s something missing. Something that can easily be forgotten in the scope of the web design process, but holds the power of results. What could this seemingly miniscule web action be that holds the very force of my website in its hands?…

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